Hi BuckDaddys!  We hope you are doing well!  This is a friendly reminder that it is annual renewal time!  If you have not done so yet, please submit your renewals on the website ( – yes we shortened it!) by selecting Renew Now.  (If you already have, please disregard this message.)
We have an extensive waitlist as usual, so please get in your deposits.  You have 3 choices to make it easy for you.  1) 100 deposit with the balance due by 4/1; 2) Easy payment plan – pay 1/3 now, and 1/3 on March 1 and 1/3 on April 1, which we will process the March and April payments automatically; or 3) Pay in full at this time!
Please note, while we have not raised rates in 5 years, this year we have no choice but to increase dues by a nominal $60 to cover the increased costs of our land and the increased permit price (which they hit the club up for after we collected dues from you last year).  As such, Robert and I paid it out of our own pocket, because we didn’t think it was right to ask you for it after you had paid in full.  However, this year, we are not in a position to do that, so we needed to increase our dues by this low amount to keep up with the club’s rising costs.  I hope you understand and agree that we have worked hard to keep rates steady for 5 years, and this very small increase still makes BuckDaddys the best value around!  While other clubs raise rates sometimes by hundreds of dollars, we have worked hard to keep rates low for you in keeping with our philosophy of offering affordable hunting and outdoor recreation!
We are very excited to continue the BuckDaddys tradition, and hope that you will join us for another year of fun!  The deadline to renew and reserve your spot for 2020/21 is January 31 so that we know you are coming back!  As you know, we fill any unpaid/un-reserved spots with those on our waitlist, so don’t delay!
Thank you!  We hope you continue to choose BuckDaddys, as you are a valued member!  We look forward to seeing you in April!


The 1400 has changed ownership and may or may not remain in our BuckDaddys family for the 2020/21 membership year.  We will know more in the upcoming months, but as of 1/1/20, members assigned to this property are formally put on notice that we must vacate the property and all personal belongs must be removed by 3/31/20.  Do know that we are negotiating with the current land owner in hopes that he will allow us to continue to include this property in our club.  We also can offer you other property options, including the 1815, which also has water and electricity based on availability, or other properties.

Please call us PRIOR TO 1/30/20 to discuss so that we may give you priority placement, should we need to.  817-805-2217


We have BuckDaddys merchandise starting this year or those interested.  If you are interested in a t-shirt, button down, sweatshirt or pullover, please let land manager John Minkert know.  Also available will be hats, and other great items. More to come!


As a Reminder…..

Please do not walk around in the woods during deer season, unless it is for the purpose of going to or from your stands.   1) Its simply unsafe.  2) It disrupts other member’s hunting efforts.  Be courteous and respect each and ever member’s hunting efforts! Thanks for your Cooperation!


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1.  BuckDaddys has a NO LOADED GUNS POLICY IN CAMP.  THAT MEANS, NO SHOOTING OF FIREARMS IN CAMP, OR NOT IN THE ACT OF HUNTING WHILE OUTSIDE OF CAMP.  VIOLATORS WILL BE INVESTIGATED AND IF DETERMINED VIOLATING THIS RULE, IMMEDIATELY TERMINATED. 2.  Always carry your membership cards. You might be asked to produce it. 3.  Sign in and out each time you enter and exit the property.  This is for everyone’s use – so we know who is out there with you! 4.  Please remember to be courteous to your fellow members and their hunting efforts.  Be courteous around camp and while on property.  Respect each other’s efforts, and belongings.  Do not disrupt a person’s hunt.  Also, never take anything, in camp or anywhere on club-property that is not yours.  Violations are considered serious infractions and will not be tolerated.  While we don’t normally have issues with this, we wanted to reiterate this policy. 5. Please keep non-hunting pets inside your campers or at home.  Pets tend, by nature, to mark and protect their territories and may appear aggressive towards non-family members even when they are just acting typically.  But we are a family-friendly environment and while we love our furry friends, we do not want our children, guests, or fellow BuckDaddys to be uncomfortable, annoyed by them, or scared of them.  If you are bringing any dog to camp, they must remain kenneled or caged while in camp or on property if not hunting.  Remember to call your land manager in advance of any hunting with dogs. 6.  Please remember to make sure any fires are completely out before you turn in for the night!  Be sure to check burn bans in your county as well to ensure they are legal. 7.  Always please drive slowly on club grounds. We have children, recreational vehicles, and people on foot that are on the same roads as you are, and we don’t want to see who wins.  Please exercise safety. 8.  Remember to wear your hunter orange while hunting, during deer season.  Its the law! 9.  Remember, no guests are allowed on property without BuckDaddys granting permission.  This protects our club and minimizes exposure and liability!  It also ensures that if they hunt, they agree in writing to our Bylaws.  Violations of this policy are taken very seriously. 10.  Make sure all camp fires are extinguished before retiring for the night. Have a great, safe and successful time!