Membership Types

BuckDaddys offers approximately 7,500 Acres in Sabine, Tyler and Newton Counties for use by its club members year round.  BuckDaddys strives to acquire new club lands each year on behalf of its members, opportunity and funding permitted.  One of the benefits of purchasing a membership is that, as a member, you have access to all our acreage during non-primary hunting seasons (February 1st – September 14th).  Club members are encouraged to fish, hike, four-wheel, camp and picnic during these times.  During primary hunting seasons (September 15th – January 31), members are assigned to a property to enjoy, and from which they may scout, select their desired hunting area, and enjoy the wonderful challenge and sport of hunting East Texas.

BuckDaddys offers the following Memberships

Full Club Member

Full memberships are annual memberships that run from April 1 – March 31 of each year and are for adults who wish to access club grounds for outdoor recreational activities, including hunting if they so choose.  Spouses of full members are not required to purchase a separate membership if they wish to access and use BuckDaddys grounds for outdoor recreational activities, but may instead, upon acceptance of the Bylaws, enjoy BuckDaddys on their spouse’s membership at no additional cost.  Full members are permitted 2 stands per paid membership for their area if they choose to hunt.  The price for the membership year is an affordable, low $1125.00.

Spouse and Youth Club Member

Spouse and Youth club memberships are free to all spouses and children under 18 of full members.  BuckDaddys takes pride in building new family traditions, fostering the love of the great outdoors, and honoring the family unit, especially the youngest generations within each family, by offering this free amenity.