Bylaws/Bylaws Agreement with Liability Releases

BuckDaddys Hunting Club (also called “BuckDaddys” or “BuckDaddys Lofty Pines Hunting Club”) is an Outdoor Recreational Club that offers club memberships to persons who wish to access club grounds for authorized outdoor recreational use, including but not limited to camping, four-wheeling, and hunting.  BuckDaddys memberships provide its members access to leased acreage in which members may independently camp, hike, four-wheel, and hunt, and teach youth how to preserve wildlife, appreciate natural resources, enjoy the woods, experience the outdoors, and foster a love for the sport of hunting for generations to come, among other things.  BuckDaddys further promotes and fosters a general and continued movement for conservation of wildlife and natural resources as well as sportsmanlike methods of hunting, trapping, and outdoor living, while respecting landowners and the properties of others.  BuckDaddys is a family friendly club that welcomes and encourages its members to include their spouses and children in their outdoor recreational activities of their choosing.  These Bylaws may be updated from time to time as seen fit by BuckDaddys in its sole discretion.  As such, the member agrees to review the Club’s Bylaws periodically and uphold them as a condition of membership.

CLUB GROUNDS.  BuckDaddys consists of several non-adjoining leased tracts of property totaling approximately 7000+/- acres (which amount may vary) in Sabine, Tyler, and Newton Counties in the lofty pine country of East Texas.  Each year BuckDaddys offers varying amounts of acreage with varying topography to its members based on leases and private arrangements with landowners, which can change from time to time due to factors both in and out of its control.  If a property does not fund fully as anticipated, it is in BuckDaddys sole discretion as to whether it will keep the property open or not.  If BuckDaddys chooses to close a property for any reason, at its sole discretion, the member who has paid in full at the time of the decision will be given the choice to move to another property (if available) or receive a refund, less any convenience fees and credit card company fees paid by BuckDaddys.  If a member is not paid in full at the time of the decision, and they do not transfer, the partial payment received is considered a deposit which is non-refundable.  It is and remains BuckDaddys’ goal to keep properties it has whenever in the best interest of the membership or BuckDaddys and continue to acquire new acreage for its members as viable opportunities present themselves and BuckDaddys’ resources permit, at its sole discretion.  Members are assigned to specific properties and possibly regions within each property but are able to utilize all of BuckDaddys club grounds during non-prime hunting seasons (February 1st – March 30th and April 1 – September 14th (when renewed)) for their recreational enjoyment, including camping and hunting (based on Texas Parks and Wildlife seasons) turkey, dove, squirrel, rabbit, and other feral non-protected wildlife such as hogs, coyotes and bobcat.  During prime hunting season (November – January) and for a period of time leading up to prime hunting season (September 15th – October), members are asked to visit only their assigned property for camping and/or other hunting-related activities, including but not limited to working their areas in preparation of and for deer season.  This gives members an opportunity to access, sample and enjoy all of BuckDaddys grounds and should they desire, request to move to another property of choice for the next year, yet still preserve the integrity of other member’s efforts to cultivate and hunt their exclusive hunting areas during peak times should they chose to participate in deer hunting.  BuckDaddys strives to honor all member move requests but cannot guarantee availability on other properties.  BuckDaddys does not sublease its property but instead makes all of its land, whether leased or owned, available to its members to enjoy.

MEMBERSHIP.   BuckDaddys’ club membership year runs from April 1st through March 31st and is an annual membership that requires renewal from year to year.  Members and new applicants are required to follow BuckDaddys’ current enrollment procedure to apply or re-apply.  Enrollment procedures are announced on the website in December or January for each upcoming membership year.  It is the responsibility of the member to visit BuckDaddys’ website at to stay apprised of announcements, enrollment information, procedures, and deadlines throughout the year.  Not doing so may affect a member’s property assignment and/or their membership status for the current or upcoming year.  Once enrollment dates are posted, BuckDaddys encourages each member to act as soon as possible to secure their membership for next year, as space fluctuates, is in demand, and is limited.  Current members will always be given first opportunity to retain their membership spots before it opened to new members in the Month of January but will compete with incoming new members after January 31 of each year.  BuckDaddys understands that you may have an extenuating circumstance.  In such instances, please call or text 817-805-2217 to discuss.  For wait list applicants, if cost of membership changes no more than $200 between the time you apply and the time we process your application, you agree to the price change in membership dues.  Changes more than that will be discussed prior to processing.

BuckDaddys’ members agree to:

  • Use every precaution to protect wildlife, timber, trees, forest products and landowner property from poaching, theft, fire, trash dumping, or other damage.
  • Protect landowner roads during non-hunting season and to prohibit their abuse and limit traffic during wet weather as much as possible.
  • Assume responsibility and to pay for any living trees, living timber or other live forest products that may be cut, used, damaged, burned and/or removed from the club grounds or lease by a member.
  • Comply, and require compliance by each member and all persons/guests to whom recreational privileges shall be extended with all laws, rules and regulations existing or hereafter enacted by any county, state or federal authority including, but not limited to, hunting, fishing, and game laws.
  • Stay in compliance with BuckDaddys, the landowner, or their representative’s requests and policies at all time.
  • Stay in compliance with BuckDaddys bylaws, club rules, and all game, state and federal laws.
  • Not encroach on another member’s stand or hunting area (defined as the area from a member’s stand or blind to any feeder they have placed out or a 50 yard visible radius) and/or act disrespectfully or in a threatening manner, (words, gestures, and/or touching) to members or neighbors, or display a disregard for the hunting effort, respect, safety and welfare of other members and/or guests, club grounds and club neighbors.
  • Not cause harm to BuckDaddys, including but not limited to verbal harm, physical harm, or financial harm.  No Defamation of BuckDaddys or its members will be tolerated.  Be kind – be respectful – be helpful – and if you have an issue with anything related to the Club or a member, immediately bring it to the attention of BuckDaddys by calling the main office.
  • Never carry a loaded weapon in camp, level a weapon at another member, and never hunt or shoot while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Never hunt or shoot within 50 yards of any road, discharge a firearm across any road, hunt or shoot within 150 yards of a dwelling, or shoot into an adjacent property.
  • Respect and protect ALL property regardless of whether it is another member’s property or not, or on BuckDaddys club grounds or not.
  • Not take any action to harm or destroy any trees, timber or seedlings on Club grounds, and not interfere nor not comply with requests of the owner or BuckDaddys related to any harvest or planting activities on BuckDaddys club grounds.
  • Make every possible effort to protect club grounds and the landowner’s property from fire, theft, and all forms of damage.  This includes no setting off any explosive material, that could result in a fire, including but not limited to tannerite.  This also includes not destroying or harming any seedlings, trees, or timber on the property.  Any intentional or non-intentional destruction of owner’s property that results in fines will be assessed to the member who undertook such action.  Please do not destroy any seedlings, trees, or timber, or interfere in harvest activities in any way.
  • Take no action to harm or destroy any tree, timber or seedling on Club grounds, and not interfere or refuse to comply with requests of the owner or BuckDaddys related to any harvest or planting activities on BuckDaddys club grounds.  If fines are assessed to the club, the member(s) responsible for the fines will be assessed the fees for payment and agree to pay such fines or charges.
  • Never leave metal in the woods, as doing so can create harm to timber equipment and if damaged, cost the club thousands of dollars in fines or fees.  Any fee or fine assessed to the Club will be sought from the member, and the member agrees to pay for such fee or fine or reimburse the Club for having to do so.
  • Report all violations, incidents and (possible or actual) trespassers to BuckDaddys immediately.
  • Act as good neighbors to all local citizens and fellow members.
  • Never permit persons who have not filled out a Guest Application or Liability Release to enter club property.
  • Never sell hunts on any club property to anyone, including those who apply as guests.
  • Never advertise or speak on behalf of BuckDaddys Hunting Club.
  • Never sublease property or memberships.
  • Not do anything that causes harm to fellow members.
  • Uphold and agree to these Bylaws for as long as they remain members, even if it goes beyond their initial membership year.

GENERAL MEMBERSHIP PROCESS/ANNUAL ENROLLMENT:  It is BuckDaddys goal to retain members and attract new members.  In an effort to make the outdoor experience affordable and accessible to as many families as possible, BuckDaddys strives to keep its base rates as low as possible and definitely one of the lowest around.

Each December BuckDaddys will announce its anticipated membership rates and enrollment dates for the upcoming membership year on its website and any necessary changes due to landowner policy changes or changes made in the best interests of the Club.  BuckDaddys rates are anticipated rates, but are not finalized until the Club obtains their final contracts for the year.  Additional charges above the anticipated membership rate rate and any cost adjustment may apply to members if they wish to use a BuckDaddys feeder or stand for their personal use (when available), use utilities through a member run utility co-op on a property that offers them, bring a guest to hunt (restrictions apply), or opt out of participating in one mandatory member work weekend.  BuckDaddys memberships are issued annually and are valid only when processed through BuckDaddys’ main office online or at 215 Oak Creek Circle, Springtown, TX 76082.  Land Managers are members like you, and are not permitted to collect money on the club’s behalf, change or make rules or bylaws, advertise, issue memberships, accept or remove members, give non-members access to the club, or make any other decisions relating to the club, memberships, or statuses of a membership.  They are there as a friend and guide to our members to help you, show you around, answer questions, assist during work-days, assist the Club address needs with Club grounds, and help disseminate information to you as needed from time to time.  Any account discrepancies must be addressed in the year they occur and is the responsibility of the member to do so in the current year.  No carryovers will occur unless related to rectifying a member’s standing, as each year’s club expenses are distinct and separate.

Each membership entitles the member and the member’s spouse and all dependent children under 18 years of age use of BuckDaddys club grounds for their outdoor recreational activities (including but not limited to hunting) during the membership year.  Children of members must be accompanied by their adult member when on club grounds.  Members, spouses and children of members will be issued separate membership cards which must be carried on them at all times while on BuckDaddys’ property.  Spouses and children of members are permitted to fill their tags if on a non-LAMPS property or hunt under LAMPS if on a LAMPS property according to permits issued.

Dues must be paid in-full by April 1st of each year.  If a member or new applicant submits a deposit to purchase a spot, the balance remaining must be paid by April 1st to avoid loss of deposit and membership.  Deposits or payments made to BuckDaddys by a member or new applicant to hold a spot or purchase a spot are non-refundable once processed, as BuckDaddys has taken that spot off the market, regardless of the reason a member does not fulfill their commitment to pay in full by April 1, or later if a payment arrangement has been made.  If a current or new incoming member only puts down a deposit and resigns before paying in full, they likewise forfeit their deposit in consideration for BuckDaddys holding that spot for them and removing it from the market.  If a new applicant submits an application before January 30 of the upcoming new membership year, they may withdraw their application if submitted in writing (via email to or text to 817-805-2217 before January 30th of that upcoming membership year.  If a withdrawal is requested, BuckDaddys will send applicant written confirmation by email or text that the withdrawal  was received prior to the January 30 deadline, and will further serve as proof that the request was successfully and timely transmitted to and received by BuckDaddys.  In cases of dispute, this confirmation will constitute valid proof.  If no withdraw request is received, the application will stand.  BuckDaddys does its best to keep costs as low as possible, but with the rising cost of inflation and market changes, the costs assessed to the Club can unexpectedly change.  As such, while it is rare, should the need ever arise because the Club has received increases in their land lease costs or other costs associated with running the club, i.e. cost of structures or camper fees charged the club, to adjust the membership cost after membership dues are collected, the Club will issue and the member agrees to pay the Club the difference between what they paid and the adjusted dues amount, which will be assessed in equal proportion for all members (the “additional contribution”).  Further, the Club will notify the member of such additional contribution and give the member a reasonable amount of time to pay it.  In no instance will a contribution call exceed $150 per membership.

Applicants and/or members who turn in complete applications that are approved by BuckDaddys will be granted membership on a first come first serve basis, space permitting, and once accepted and paid, is binding upon BuckDaddys and the member for the membership year paid.  Current members who do not renew in January are subject to having their markers removed up to 4 weeks prior to the end of the membership year if not renewed by March 1 based on their untimely renewal and in anticipation of their hunting area becoming available to new members.  Applications are complete when the application is accompanied with full payment.  Although not typical, if space remains available after general enrollment closes, BuckDaddys will continue to fill open slots until it reaches full capacity.  Should a member submit their payment but not submit their renewal application, BuckDaddys may consider their payment as a renewing member’s attestation and agreement to the the terms and conditions and releases of BuckDaddys’ then current bylaws agreement and liability release, with the same full force and effect as though they fully submitted such renewal application, bylaws agreement, and liability release in the current year.

Each member or family who is granted membership will receive a welcome packet on or about April 1st, which includes a non-transferable membership card for each family member, a car sticker, a camp permit, 2 stand stickers and a welcome letter.  If a member receives their membership  cards, then requests a property assignment change after the fact – it could be honored as long as 1) it was an existing property at the time membership was requested; 2) there is space; and 3) they pay a $50 change fee to cover costs associated with reissuing membership cards.  In the case where BuckDaddys acquires a brand new property and is adding it to its club, current members will not be re-assigned to it for prime hunting season during the current membership year.  However, they may still use it during non-prime hunting season for hunting, camping, hiking, 4-wheeling, etc. (February 1 – September 140), and may ask to be transferred to it for the next membership year space permitting.

Membership cards must be carried by members and guests of members (guest passes) at all times while on club property (except in the Month of April, as packets containing your Membership cards may be in transit).  Alteration of any membership card deems the membership card invalid.  There is a $25 replacement fee for lost cards and a $50 replacement fee for lost packets, to compensate for materials and time.  Upon request by any member, warden, law officer, working member or employee, an individual should be able to show his/her membership card.  This is Proof that you belong.  We also ask that all adult members question people they see on property that they are not familiar with, unless doing so would or could pose a danger.  Please ask to see a membership card as proof of membership and access to club grounds.  If you feel it is unsafe, however, you should instead call the sheriff, or if in the act of hunting,  the game warden.  If a person claiming to be a member does not have proof of membership on them, they must leave club grounds.   Please always try to get a picture, a license plate number, or any other identifier that can help us identify them for trespassing, then call the game warden or sheriff, AND BuckDaddys or your land manager immediately to report it.  This is to protect the integrity of our club and club grounds.  Failure to take proper action will be considered a violation.

PRIORITY ENROLLMENT:  Current members have first option to keep their present hunting areas for the upcoming year by submitting a renewal application online and paying a non-refundable deposit (either by check or credit/debit card online) anytime between January 1 and January 31.  Payment for the difference between the deposit and the price of membership is due on or before April 1.  Any Cost Adjustments for a particular year is due by June 1.  Current members who do not pay their balance by April 1st forfeit their deposit and BuckDaddys can open their membership spot up to new members.  Current members who do not pay their Cost Adjustment, if any, by July 1 (although it is due June 1), forfeit their deposit and BuckDaddys can open their membership spot up to new members. If a member fails to submit a complete application and deposit payment by January 28th, they will no longer be locked into their spots for the upcoming year.  A member who does not renew during priority enrollment is still welcome to renew, but will be subject to club and property availability.

COST ADJUSTMENTS:  From time to time, to address and meet the unpredictable and always changing economic climate we find ourselves in since COVID, if the landowner increases rates to the Club above the Club’s anticipated rate, published rate, announced rate, agreed to rate, or collected rate for membership in any particular year, the Club is permitted to issue, and the member agrees to pay, a Cost Adjustment to cover such unknown and/or unanticipated change in the price of leasing land or paying for structures used by the Club (the “Cost Adjustment”).   Should a Cost Adjustment have to be issued or assessed upon a member, the member agrees to pay such prorated portion by June 1 of the year it is issued (2 months from date dues are typically due on April 1).  Should a member not pay for their Cost Adjustment by June 1 of the year it is issued, they will go into bad standing.  Should a member not cure their bad standing status by July 1, they will lose the opportunity to cure their bad standing status and forfeit their membership.  Each member recognizes, agrees and attests that they understand and recognize that Cost Adjustments are necessary due to increases in the cost to lease and use Landowner’s land, the need for a Cost Adjustment is not in the control of the Club, that the membership fee and/or deposit paid thus far, plus any Cost Adjustments for membership in the Club, is an expense that is borne solely by each member, and that the Club President expressly will no longer pay for a member’s Cost Adjustment out of his own pocket, because that responsibility lays solely on the Member.

PRE-GENERAL ENROLLMENT:  Current members will receive first option to change properties ahead of new members should they (a) renew during priority enrollment and (b) there is available space on the property they request to be transferred to.

GENERAL ENROLLMENT:  New Applicants along with current members who have not pre-enrolled on or before January 31, may do so during general enrollment which begins February 1.  Current members and new applicants will be in line together and must submit a complete application or renewal application and proper payment to be considered for membership.  Spaces will be assigned on a first come first serve basis.  BuckDaddys will make every attempt to honor a member’s property request whenever possible as long as space permits.  Once a property is full, a wait-list is started and transfers will be honored if an opening occurs later.  BuckDaddys does turn people away due to full capacity on a property or in the club, so it is in the applicant’s best interest to complete their applications as early as possible to improve their chances for the upcoming year.  If an applicant submits their application prior to January 30, they will be automatically placed on a waitlist on a first come first served basis but their application and payment will not be processed until or after February 1.

APPLICATION REJECTION.  Although BuckDaddys strives to accept all membership applications, BuckDaddys reserves the right to deny any application or renewal.  Should BuckDaddys not accept an application after payment is submitted, BuckDaddys will refund the credit card used, mail the original check back, or issue a refund check within three (3) business days from the date of the denial. This paragraph is not meant to address membership termination for other reasons.

UTILITIES, FACILITIES, AND CAMPSITES.  BuckDaddys’ properties do not have restrooms or shower facilities, (although they are available offsite should you care to leave Club grounds).  Many members chose to bring their own generators, campers, trailers, and water to accommodate their needs.  Others chose to enjoy more primitive living with tents.  In order to accommodate everybody, BuckDaddys may designate 2 different camping areas for each property, one camping area for campers/trailers/tents “with generators” and one camping area for tents with “no generators”.

While BuckDaddys offers campsites and allows its members to bring out campers for their personal ‘active’ use, BuckDaddys campsites is not to be used as a place for its members to store their campers.  As such, to qualify as ‘active’ use, a member must come out and use their camper 1 time per month, at a minimum.  If you are finished hunting, and you won’t be back until the fall, please remove your camper and bring it back out when you can actively using it again.  Campers must also be registered and permitted in order to be on camp grounds.  Only road worthy campers are permitted on club grounds without a deposit.  This includes tires.  If a deposit is determined to be necessary for any camper or other structure, at BuckDaddys’ sole discretion, it will be used to pay for any removal costs associated with camper or structure abandonments.  If the member removes its campter or structure, such deposit will be refunded.  Such deposit may also be offset with costs of cleaning up a camp or trash or personal belongings left on Clubgrounds, at BuckDaddys sole discretion. It has become increasingly expensive for the Club to remove abandoned campers or find campers improperly marked so that we cannot determine the ownership of it.  This policy is being implemented as a deterrent to try to stop needless costs and disrespect of the club.  Not all campers or structures will require a deposit.

Most of BuckDaddys properties do not have electricity and/or water sources, but a few have electricity and/or electricity/water due to members who put them in at their own expense and risk.  Members with campers and/or trailers that are on properties that have electricity and/or water may join the member-run utility coop but are not required to do so, unless they chose to use the utilities.  If electricity or water is used at any time by a member while on a property with utilities, by doing so, that member agrees to join the utility coop for the duration of the membership year even if it is not their assigned property for primary hunting season.  No one time or partial payments for short-term utility use will be permitted.  Member understands that any utility coop found on a BuckDaddys property is not owned, managed or sponsored by BuckDaddys and as such, BuckDaddys does not make any representations or warranties relating to any utility, utility coop, or utility service on BuckDaddys club grounds.  As such, BuckDaddys is not responsible or liable for any issue arising from or relating to the use or non-use of any utility or utility coop present on club grounds, and that member agrees to hold BuckDaddys harmless for any issue relating to or arising from any utility present or not present on club grounds.

DESIGNATED CAMPGROUNDS.  BuckDaddys strives to establish clearly marked, dedicated camping grounds for its members’ active use and enjoyment.  It feels camaraderie is important and adds to the BuckDaddys experience, so we require that members camp in the designated campground.  Under no circumstance may a member set up their camper or tent outside of the designated campground.  This is also for the safety of all members, and a land owner requirement.  Each member may place one camper, space permitting, or a tent in camp.  Because there is limited space, compliance obligations with our land owner, and other considerations, determinations for allowing extra structures will be addressed on an individual basis based on circumstances that exist at that time, and may be adjusted from time to time.  It is clearly understood and agreed that if circumstances change, approvals and/or disapprovals may be revoked or changed at any time at the sole discretion of the Club.  Be advised that all campers and extra structures must be portable, temporary, be road-worthy, and have the ability to be moved immediately upon notice.  This is a landowner requirement.  This also means all tires must remain in good working order at all times.  BuckDaddys reserves the right to disallow campers or structures that are not in good working order, or ones that may be considered a potential issue, on camp grounds.  As such, all campers must now be registered in order for a member to receive a permit allowing it to be on campgrounds.  All campers, tents and structures must bear the current year permits on them or they are in violation of rules.  If any camper or structure is abandoned, BuckDaddys reserves its right to charge the member for cost of removal.  BuckDaddys simply will no longer be left ‘holding the bag’ and charged thousands of dollars to remove old, dilapidated or abandoned property.  Also, from time to time, BuckDaddys may require a deposit or additional fee to cover any cost increases from the land owner or any potential costs or fees it may incur for allowing older campers and/or any type of structures on campgrounds.

CAMPFIRES.  BuckDaddys adheres to all burn bans whether issued by the county, state, or landowner.  Additionally, any campfire that is built must be entirely out before it may be left alone.  Campfires should never be left unattended, and embers must be out before leaving the camp-fire site or retiring for the night.  This is for everyone’s safety.  Campfires are never allowed to be used to burn personal property or trash.

CAMPERS/TRAILERS/BUILDINGS/LIVING QUARTERS (“STRUCTURES”)/HUNTING PROPERTY/PERSONAL PROPERTY/MISCELLANEOUS (COLLECTIVELY “PERSONAL PROPERTY”) Each member is responsible for their own hunting, camping and sleeping arrangements, and personal property and use it on property at their own risk.  All personal hunting equipment, cameras, rv’s, feeders, and all related items (hereinafter called “hunting property”) and buildings, structures and/or campers or trailers and tents (hereinafter called “living quarters) (collectively “personal property”) must be of a temporary nature and moved immediately by the member upon request by the landowner or BuckDaddys.  As such, all personal property must be capable of being moved on demand without any delay.  Failure to do that is cause for immediate termination, with 2 weeks or less to remove such personal property, before the unmoved property is forfeited and transferred by automatic assignment to the Club.  Only campers or trailers that are being actively used and in good working order may remain on club grounds.  The Club IS NOT a storage facility for your camper, clutter, trash, or other property.  If your camper is not in good working order, it must be removed at  the member’s expense.  Any camper not being used at least 1 time per month, must be taken home until such time as it is used at least 1 time per month.  Based on the actions of some, BuckDaddys must now enforce this policy to minimize the increased problem of finding abandoned campers, which costs the club substantially – and at times upwards of thousands of dollars to remove, dismantle, and/or  haul off.

Each member who uses a camper is required to register it by providing a photograph of it prior to it being brought onto property, and, if approved by the club, requires another photograph showing it as set up on the property, and bearing the required camper permit for the current membership year.  If a camper is actively being used for camping at least 1 time per month, and the membership year rolls over into a new one, the member must repeat the process of taking a current photograph of the camper at the beginning of each new year, and seeking approval for it to remain on the property for the upcoming year.  Again, you must be actively using the camper at least 1 time per month in order to keep your camper on the property.  All campers must be and remain in good working order, including having roadworthy tires and  structural integrity.  Don’t forget to sign in and out each time you arrive and leave to go home, as that is one way to show active use of the camper, but not necessarily the only method the Club may use.

Each membership will receive a camp permit after their camper is registered, to be affixed if a member uses a structure on club grounds which is always at the member’s own risk.  Any camper without a filled out and legible current camp permit is strictly prohibited from being on Club Grounds.  No additional living quarters are permitted – only 1 per family.   No train carts or containers are permitted on the property without special permission by the Club  owner and under no circumstances are burn barrels allowed on the property.   They are strictly prohibited.  If additional other structures are requested and approved to be on Club Grounds, it will require an additional permit for $200 and must be paid PRIOR TO bringing it onto club grounds.   If a member has not paid an additional camp fee for additional structures on club grounds, a $200 permit fee plus a $400 fine will be assessed ($600 total) against the member and the member’s membership may be terminated.  Not paying this fee jeopardizes the club’s standing and the Club can be fined or terminated because of it, which is why it is taken very seriously.  The member agrees to be responsible for all fees, costs, fines, penalties, expenses of removal, and losses incurred by the club as a result of violations related to campers and any structures or metal on Club grounds.

BuckDaddys issues a camp fee which results in the issuance of a camp permit to be affixed to all structures brought onto camp grounds, once approval is obtained. This sticker must be filled out and displayed on the structure in plain view at all times, including and especially bearing the member’s name.  Structures that do not display their permit are in violation of this policy and will be given a warning to display their permit.  If a properly filled out permit is not displayed within one week of such warning, the member will be fined and may be asked to leave.  If a member does not comply with this request, their structure may also be removed from camp grounds at the member or former member’s expense, and the member agrees to an automatic default judgment as pursued by the Club for any and all losses, costs, expenses, fees, awards, verdicts, and damages incurred by the Club arising from the member’s camper, personal property being on Club grounds or the member’s use of the Club. bill subject to collections and judgment, collections and reporting will be permitted, at the member’s expense.  This does not apply if a member is pending receipt of a sticker from BuckDaddys.  If you have not received your packet with the camp permit in it, please contact BuckDaddys immediately.

BuckDaddys will not enter any living quarter unless in the case of an actual or presumed emergency, and as such, all members agree to hold BuckDaddys or any of its representatives or agents or the landowner or its agents or representatives harmless for any damages that may occur or arise from taking such actions.

All living quarters and personal property belonging to members who do not renew or who fall out of good standing, must be removed from campgrounds immediately or within 1 week of falling out of good standing, whichever is sooner (the “deadline”).   If the living quarter or personal property is not removed by the deadline, you agree, in consideration for allowing it to be brought onto BuckDaddys leased grounds and/or by using your membership in BuckDaddys, it will be considered abandoned, and if abandoned, you agree that the title and ownership of the living quarter and/or all of your personal property brought onto club grounds is conveyed free and clear to BuckDaddys at the time of abandonment, and that BuckDaddys may take all action necessary to sell, convey, gift, dispose of, scrap, or destroy it.  In addition, BuckDaddys may assess charges to the member for its removal, storage and cost of disposition/disposal to which the member agrees to pay upon demand.  If title and/or ownership is conveyed by the member for abandonment, BuckDaddys may dispose of the conveyed property in a manner of its choosing, including by sale, donation, use and/or disposal of same at its sole discretion.

Any fees assessed by the club owner will be passed on to the member incurring such fee and it will be their responsibility to pay it within 14 days of being notified.  All personal property must be removed within 2 weeks of the date a member leaves the Club.

TRASH:  All campsites, grounds, trailers, camp shelters, tents, etc., must be kept free from trash, clutter, unused property, and other refuse.  Trash may not be buried on landowner property, but instead must be removed from the site and disposed of properly.  If you bring it in…take it out!  Leave it the way you find it, or better.  Campsites and stands or blinds are not a place for trash!  Our motto is – Trash in – Trash out – Always!  Likewise, no burning of trash is allowed.  If a member is caught littering around camp, your membership will be revoked, as this is considered a blatant act of disrespect to both the Club, the Campgrounds, and your fellow members.

NO CLUTTER:  All campsites, grounds, trailers, camp shelters, tents, and club grounds must be kept free from clutter, including unused, old, empty or broken equipment, property or structures.  Campsites are not storage sites, nor are they dumping sites or storage facilities for unused, unwanted, old, extra, or broken equipment or personal belongings.  All campsites must be kept in a clean, non-cluttered fashion, and anything not being used, or empty, must be removed from campgrounds.  Anything being used should be kept inside campers when you leave, unless it is physically impossible to do so  (large tables, 4-wheelers, generators).  BuckDaddys is audited by the landowner, and we can be fined or terminated for violations of this policy.  If we are fined, the cost of that fine will be borne by all the members, so please don’t be that person!  Further, no collection of trash or clutter is allowed in the burn pits, so we simply ask that you put any of your personal belongings inside your campers when you leave to go home, so that they are not left around your camper or campsite.  Finally, never use the woods as a personal trash location, or dump for anything, including old or broken equipment or trash, and please place cinder blocks neatly under your camper.  Please keep your sites clean and clutter-free.

SEWAGE:  All campers used on property must be self-contained and your sewage can never be exposed to any club grounds.  This means you cannot run sewage lines into the grounds or ditches.  Any sewage must be emptied OFF the property in containers specifically manufactured for sewage containment.  You may NOT leave sewage in external sewage containers when you are not on property.  You also may not use buckets with toilet seats left on the property.  It must be taken with you each time you leave for emptying.  Any porta-potties must also stay self-contained and removed each time a member leaves.  Outhouses going directly into the ground are not permitted.  Under no circumstances are septic tanks permitted either.  Thank you for being responsible for your own waste.  The landowner has also informed us that they prefer that gray water (used for dishwashing, etc.) be removed from the property as well, and is not allowed to be drained onto the land.  Please just keep it all in self-contained units and remove it and expel it off site, after you leave.

COMMUNICATIONS WITH BUCKDADDYS:  BuckDaddys is owned and operated by Oak Creek Ventures, LLC a/k/a BuckDaddys Hunting Club a/k/a BuckDaddys a/k/a BuckDaddys Lofty Pines Hunting Club.  Robert Witt is BuckDaddys’ President, and he desires to act in the best interest of BuckDaddys and its members in his sole discretion, and make BuckDaddys as strong as it can be and continue to grow so to be an available tradition for families and their generations to come.  Please direct any issues relating to your membership to BuckDaddys by emailing, mailing a letter to 215 Oak Creek Circle, Springtown, TX 76082, or calling 817-805-2217.

LAND MANAGERS:  Land Managers are members just like you, and are selected for their helpful nature and willingness to donate their time to helping make the club a better place.  Land Managers appointed by the Club are able to  help you, show you around, answer questions, help to problem solve within the parameters of our rules, bylaws and procedures set by BuckDaddys, assist the Club during work-days, and help the Club disseminate information to members on our behalf as needed from time to time.  Any member who is asked to represent BuckDaddys in this capacity is expected to act with integrity and respect and must follow the same rules as each member does, as they are members themselves.  It is imperative that the rules set forth by BuckDaddys and the land owners are upheld to everyone equally, and to that end, it is also important to know what Land Manager cannot do.  Land Managers do not have the authority to change our Club’s Bylaws, and are strictly prohibited (as all members are) from subleasing the club’s leases. Land managers also do not and cannot guarantee any personal property against loss or damage.  Land managers do not have any authority to change any rule, change any process, change any bylaw, or change any procedure from that which the Club sets.  Land managers are also specifically not authorized to set up tours with non-members without it being arranged by the Club, collect money on behalf of the club, issue membership ID cards, pass out stand stickers, create rules, assign spots, or issue decisions pertaining to the membership, status or standing of any member or potential member.  To reiterate, land managers are members just like you, and shall uphold the Bylaws, Club Rules and Procedures. which always supersede any verbal or written instruction to the contrary.

HUNTER SAFETY:  BuckDaddys supports increasing Hunting Safety awareness through each state’s Hunter Education Courses.  BuckDaddys recommends that each member complete the Hunter Education Course and obtain a Hunter Education Certificate number.  Hunters required to complete a Hunters Safety Course before hunting must carry on them at all times while on BuckDaddys property their certificate of completion, regardless of whether that member is in the act of hunting or not.

Safety is always a priority at BuckDaddys.  As such, please alert a land manager or the game warden prior to hunting at night.  No night hunting of deer is allowed, but BuckDaddys understands some of our members may wish to partake in night hunting other species.  BuckDaddys simply asks that any night hunting is undertaken in a safe and thoughtful manner.  Not alerting the land manager and game warden may result in unnecessary concern, and certainly can increase risks for any warden who may be called out due to unknown, suspicious activity.  Under NO circumstances is night hunting permitted close to camp, nor may anyone infringe in another member’s area.

HUNTERS ORANGE:  Hunter Orange is enforced during Firearm season on all BuckDaddys Property.  Hunter’s Orange must be worn by anyone who is entering or moving in the woods or hunting grounds regardless of whether they are going to/from a stand, scouting, checking cameras or feeders, or retrieving game from the woods.  Hunter’s Orange must include a hat and an outer garment worn above the waistline that total at least 400 square inches, pursuant to landowner’s requirements.  This should be an amount sufficient in style and amount for another hunter to reasonably identify them as a person and not game.  THIS IS FOR THE SAFETY OF EVERYONE!

DESIGNATED HUNTING PROPERTY:  In an effort to utilize all of BuckDaddys club grounds and do so in a safe and reasonable manner, members are assigned to a property for each membership year, and must utilize that property for any primary hunting season (typically November – January of each year and for several weeks leading up to primary hunting season, including September 15th – October 31).  All members must remain on his or her assigned hunting property during these times unless they are invited by another member to a property to help prepare land or hunt in the invitee’s area.  A hunter’s specific hunting section may be pre-determined on some properties, with the member selecting a section, rather than by scouting as described in the immediate section below.  For purposes of the Bylaws, hunting areas are defined as the area from a member’s stand or blind to any feeder they have placed out or a 50 yard visible radius.

PROCEDURE FOR SELECTING HUNTING LOCATIONS:   BuckDaddys encourages members on their respective property to meet one another, work together, and scout out individual areas to their liking in a cooperative manner.  Hunting stands are defined as pop ups, boxes, lean-to’s, tree climbers, blinds (natural or otherwise), or any other stationary space that is intended to be utilized by a member in the act of hunting.  Any stand left in the woods when you are not on property is considered a permanent stand.  Temporary stands are stands that are brought in and out on the same hunting trip when going portable.  Regardless of use, stands cannot be on a road or within 100 feet from the edge of a road, easement (only if used as a main travel road to get to otherwise NON-accessible hunting areas), or property line, and must be situated such that a hunter cannot shoot down or across them.  A non-accessible hunting area is an area that absolutely cannot be accessed from any other point of entry.  However, this does not mean an area that is hard to reach or may take some time getting to from a different direction.  It is not considered non-accessible if a member can or must carve a path to the hunting area.  Many times, some of the best hunting areas are those that a member has taken the time to access.

It is the exclusive responsibility for members to scout and set up their own hunting area if they desire to set up for the year.  BuckDaddys does not guaranty minimum or maximum acreages as it does not know or control who will or how many people will set up an area or claim a section each year.  While land managers are provided as a resource as a courtesy, they are not employees, they are members willing to give of their time, and have their own personal schedules and obligations as well.  As such, it is the member’s responsibility to set up prior to September 10, regardless of whether a land manager is available at the time they want to set up, or not.  Once a member selects the area he/she wants for their own, they may install up to 2 permanent deer stands for their exclusive use in that one area.  The 2 stands put up by any member cannot be closer than 100 yards apart and no further than 200 yards apart.  A member may not set up any stand that is within 200 yards from another member’s stand, at a minimum.  It is the member’s ultimate responsibility and sole responsibility to exercise diligence, safety, apply reason, and err on the side of safety and caution when selecting and setting up stand locations.  This means a member is required to walk a reasonable and appropriate radius (at least 200 yards) around each stand (regardless of type) to see if another member’s stand is within, at a minimum, 200 yards (or more if needed to be reasonably safe) from their stand.  If they find another member’s stand within that radius, then the member verifying the radius must move their stand until it no longer impedes the 200-yard measurement or is extended further to create a reasonably safe radius zone.  If the situation warrants it, the member must increase the radius for his stand for safety reasons.  Although ultimate responsibility for stand placement and safety lies exclusively with each member, in an effort to promote safety and assist members, BuckDaddys’ land managers can be asked to review stand placement and offer their ‘opinions’ and recommend changes based on what they see at the time of their review.  Members understand that this check is not a guarantee of safety and that BuckDaddys makes no representations or warranties indicating the number of acres any member may hunt on, or whether the placement selected by the member or the placement offered by a land manager is safe for them.  Should a stand be moved at any time for any reason after a stand’s placement is made by the member, BuckDaddys asks that the member let the land manager know of the change.  For any new moves, the member agrees to re-confirm the new stand location in the same manner as described above and provide such new coordinate to the land manager.  Any recommendations made by land managers as to available areas or their recommendations are their opinion only, and are subject to change, and provided strictly as a guide, not a requirement.

A member’s area is not considered claimed until the member marks the area, submits his/her coordinates to land manager.  This is for dispute prevention and easy resolution.  The submission will be dated and time stamped and in the case of two members claiming the same area, the member with the earliest submission will prevail.  If neither member has submitted their coordinates, then location disputes will be resolved with a coin toss or based on the land manager’s knowledge or facts ascertained from interviews.

Member’s stands and claimed areas are exclusive to the member; therefore, members wishing to hunt from another member’s stand or claimed area can do so ONLY with permission from the member whose stand and/or area it is.   Under NO circumstances may a member be in, on or hunt from another member’s hunting area without first obtaining prior permission.

Member’s stands and any of their related hunting equipment must be moved upon request of the club within 14 days of the request unless a shorter time period is stated.  This is particularly important if the land-owner is planting or harvesting trees so to minimize any damage to the member’s personal property, and not jeopardize the Club’s contracts.

MARKING YOUR AREA:  BuckDaddys may employ a system in which you select a pre-designed area.  In such circumstances, you must notify the land manager of the area you choose in order to claim it.  Posts as stated below are still required.  For properties where you scout on your own, BuckDaddys asks that each member mark their hunting area with white 2″ or 3″ PVC pipe fixed in the ground bearing the member’s last name with permanent ink, membership year, and if necessary, an arrow to indicate the direction of their area.  It is the member’s responsibility to ensure their name does not become faded or worn off each and every year by April 1 of each new year.  BuckDaddys members should erect and display these pipes stating that the premises is marked for hunting on preferred locations, which are along county/state road boundaries or at gate and access locations to the property.   Be aware that a property may be bounded by two access points, both front and back.  In such case we ask that both access points are marked and the pvc pipe bear the additional language of ‘front’ or ‘back’.  Signs nailed or stapled to live standing timber may NOT be used.  It is the member’s responsibility to make sure their pvc is present and legible at all times.  For pre-designated areas, if applicable, you may convey the number you wish to claim to the land manager to do so.

** Under no circumstances can you use metal t-posts in any hunting area!  The club can be fined for them, as they damage harvest equipment, and these costs will be passed on to you!

LAND DEVELOPMENT:  BuckDaddys encourages its members to prepare their hunting areas as they see fit, including but not limited to cultivating and/or planting food plots, creating shooting lanes and areas for stands, feeders and cameras, etc. but must follow landowner rules, and in doing so, without harming or destroying any trees regardless of age or size, or applying any chemicals to the area.  In addition, BuckDaddys land is logging land, which cycles approximately every 10-20 +/- years according to the management company.   As such, property may be treated, or cut, or planted, and BuckDaddys does not control, nor do they have access to processing schedules.  If a member is asked to move their personal property for forestry purposes, failure to do so will result in the member’s immediate termination.  Failure to remove personal property upon termination of a membership will be cause for the personal property to be donated to the Club.

METAL:  BuckDaddys does not permit metal placed in the ground as it can damage land owner or their agent’s equipment.  If you see metal in the ground, it is the member’s responsibility and obligation to report it to the land manager, or Robert and Susan, and to pull it up and take it out as trash.   Metal damages equipment and has cost the club thousands of dollars in fines and fees.  This is everyone’s responsibility, so that we can continue to keep prices as low as possible.

FOOD PLOTS:  Food plot establishment is strongly encouraged, should be limited to natural openings or other areas devoid of planted pine seedlings, and should be established in a manner that minimizes soil disturbance (over seeding or drilling seed or fertilizing natural vegetation) on areas likely to erode.  Habitat manipulation (i.e. supplemental food plots, mineral stations, bush-hogging, etc.) is allowed but at a member’s expense. Please do not damage water diversion devices on roads when constructing food plots.   Cultivated food plots are food plots where the surface of the ground has been broken with a tiller or blade and the area is cleared of weeds, is seeded, and maintained in the interest of attracting wild game.  Brush hogging and over seeding are not considered cultivated food plots.  BuckDaddys recognizes that deer stands, feeders and cultivated food plots are expensive investments and time consuming for the member.  Because of the expense and time involved when installing cultivated food plots, they are protected similarly to deer stands in that they are exclusive to the member and are protected from trespass within the 150 yard exclusive area.  Non-cultivated food plots do not require as much expense, time and money as cultivated foods plots and are easily replicated in numerous locations.  As such, they are not protected the same as a cultivated food plot.  As a common sense rule, no bait is permitted to be placed on the roadways for the purpose of attracting deer.

HARVESTING:  BuckDaddys asks members to send photographs of your harvests to the club so that we can see how the season is going.  In addition, members must follow all county, state and game laws as they pertain to harvesting.  BuckDaddys does NOT charge harvest fees.  Any preparation on property must be done in a sanitary and clean manner.  Please clean up all carcasses and remove them when you leave.  They are not permitted to be left in the woods.

PERSONAL INVESTMENTS:  BuckDaddys does not reimburse members for monies spent and/or investments they make, past, present or future, to enhance or improve club grounds and/or a member’s hunting or recreational experience.  Members understand and agree that if they invest money or time for the purpose of changing or improving BuckDaddys’ club grounds for conveniences or improved recreational experiences, including but not limited to the installation of utilities, that they do it of their own free will, but only after obtaining written approval from the President of BuckDaddys, and that they further do it at their own risk of loss.  By receiving permission from BuckDaddys to proceed with any particular member driven project, BuckDaddys is not accepting responsibility for expenses associated with or liabilities created by that change, improvement or project.  Investing in or implementing an improvement does not guarantee a member special status and if that member leaves BuckDaddys, the change and/or improvement is donated to BuckDaddys if of a permanent nature, such as a utility poles, wells, meters, gates, etc.. Improvements initiated by BuckDaddys are the only improvements that will be funded by BuckDaddys, unless otherwise requested at the time of announcement.

PROCEDURES WHEN VISITING OTHER BUCKDADDYS PROPERTIES:  BuckDaddys members may access all property from February 1st – September 14th of each year.  When doing so, Members are asked to follow the below procedure:

  1. Contact the property manager to inform him/her of your visit and duration of your visit to verify there is space on the property for your camper and/or tent and Contact BuckDaddys office at 817-805-2217 to advise them of your camper being placed on a different property temporarily.
  2. Upon arrival and departure, ALWAYS sign in and out at the mailbox.
  3. Carry your membership card on you at all times while on club grounds.  If you cannot produce a card, you may be asked to leave until such time you can present it.
  4. Enjoy your stay.

GUEST POLICY/LIMITED SPONSORED MEMBERSHIPS:  BuckDaddys recognizes that members wish to share their club experience with friends by inviting them to enjoy our beautiful club grounds to hunt.  As such, BuckDaddys has created a guest membership that allows a member to sponsor a person as a guest to experience BuckDaddys for themselves without purchasing a full membership.  Sponsored memberships cost $100 for 3 days of hunting. Sponsored members/guests may only hunt BuckDaddys one time, regardless of membership year, and must obey and follow the same bylaws, rules and guidelines set forth by BuckDaddys.  We welcome all guests to return but ask that they do so as a full paying member.  This policy has been created to protect both BuckDaddys and our member’s own interests.

Procedures for acquiring a sponsored membership:

Guest must fill out the membership application but check GUEST, sign/submit the bylaws, and pay online by credit card in advance.

Guests must carry a sponsored membership pass on them at all times while on BuckDaddys property.

Guests must be accompanied by the sponsoring member while on BuckDaddys property and may only hunt off of the sponsoring member’s stand(s).

Guests may only harvest spiked bucks, squirrel, rabbit, dove, or feral wildlife.

Guests may not visit or hunt during opening deer weekend (Saturday – Sunday) or Thanksgiving weekend (Thursday – Sunday) of any given year.

Guests who come to visit but not hunt do NOT have to pay the sponsored member fee, and may visit more than once (within reason) but only with the member and not excessively.  Additionally, they must STILL fill out the guest membership application (and check non-hunting guest), sign the bylaws agreement and remain with their host member at all times.  Guests taken on property by members without submitting their guest application are considered trespassers.   NO GUESTS ARE ALLOWED, HUNTING OR OTHERWISE, DURING OPENING WEEKEND OF DEER SEASON, OR THANKSGIVING WEEKEND.

TRANSFER/ASSIGNMENT OF MEMBERSHIPS:  Memberships are transferable only with prior written approval from BuckDaddys Operations Manager or President at its sole discretion, subject to reversal if reasons presented by member or former member to BuckDaddys are later found to be false or misleading.  If BuckDaddys considers granting permission to transfer a membership to another individual, the following conditions must be met:

1)      BuckDaddys’ membership must be closed for the year because all available space is filled.

2)      The member who is vacating the membership must be in good standing and must have not used the membership anytime during the membership year.  Campers or equipment on property,  or the marking of spots, among other activity, is proof that membership was used.

3)      The membership change will be processed directly through BuckDaddys and the price for the new member must be paid in-full to BuckDaddys.

4)   The resigning member will receive only a portion of their membership fee back, which calculation is at BuckDaddy’s sole discretion.  Under no circumstances will a vacating member receive more than 50% of their membership fee paid back, so to account for camp/camper fees, convenience charges, administrative time and costs, and opt out fees.  BuckDaddys may also pro-rate the remaining amount based on the month in which this occurs.  For example, BuckDaddys may use the following calculation:  membership fee x .50 minus [primary membership fee /12 – number of months into membership year (including half months)].

4)      The replacing member candidate submits an application and bylaws to BuckDaddys through the website, and they are approved by BuckDaddys.

5)      The member vacating the membership returns his/her membership cards, along with any family issued cards, at time of the resignation.

6)     It is within an eligible timeframe, which is from April 1st and July 1st of any given membership year.  If it is outside this timeframe, no refunds will be processed.

Under extenuating circumstances, BuckDaddys may entertain extending this policy beyond July 1st of any given membership year, however, should such reasons presented from which BuckDaddys made their decision is found to be false or Bylaw violations are found to have occurred, then BuckDaddys reserves its right to not refund the member at all.  This policy is necessary to maintain demand, not disrupt other’s efforts due to transition, to avoid creating a sub-market for BuckDaddys memberships over which it must compete, to ensure BuckDaddys memberships are not used as a revolving door or a bank account for members, that BuckDaddys is compensated for its time, efforts and management of the Club, that BuckDaddys card credentials remain controlled, and that no one acts on behalf of BuckDaddys Hunting Club as a reseller of memberships, which is strictly prohibited.  Also, should a resigning member commit a fraud or misrepresentation on BuckDaddys by either stating false reasons for requesting a transfer or replacement, or found to have violated BuckDaddys’ Bylaws, BuckDaddys reserves its right to change its position on partially refunding a resigning members’ membership fees, regardless of whether their former membership slot has been resold or not.  Any membership fees refunded will always be less the minimum deposit, camp fees, administrative fees, and credit card fees assessed to the club.

ANNUAL WORK WEEKENDS (Work Days).  BuckDaddys hold mandatory work weekends throughout the year for primary members, generally in the spring and fall.  Actual dates and sign-ups are always announced on the website under Announcements.  The purpose of these work weekends are for members to come together and help make improvements to camp grounds as well as to get to know one another.  Activities will be determined and coordinated by BuckDaddys, with suggestions welcome throughout the year by submitting them to  Although BuckDaddys would love members to attend all work weekends, it understands that this may not be possible.  As such, members are only required to attend one work weekend.  Should a member not be available to come to any work weekend, they may forfeit their attendance by paying an Opt-Out fee ($200 or a lower amount at BuckDaddys sole discretion) which BuckDaddys will use to help fund/offset the expenses associated with work weekends and/or running the club.  We prefer members to attend work weekend rather than opt out, so we may raise the fee as a deterrent (but in any case no more than $200), so that the same members time and time again don’t have to always bare the burden.  Mandatory weekends do not apply to spouses or youths holding secondary memberships, although they are encouraged to participate.  For the member’s convenience, if a member does not attend at least one work weekend and does not submit the required payment for opting out within 1 week of the last work weekend, the member relinquishes his/her membership in BuckDaddys for the remainder of the year and BuckDaddys may sell that membership to another individual and/or family.  Alternatively, and in BuckDaddys sole discretion, rather than reselling the membership, the member grants BuckDaddys the authority to process the outstanding $100 opt out fee on any credit card or debit card previously submitted to BuckDaddys to pay for any monies previously owed.  While this remedy will keep the member in good standing, BuckDaddys reserves the right to exercise this remedy, exercise another remedy (up to and including termination and resale of membership), or not exercise any remedy at all, at BuckDaddys sole discretion.  Should BuckDaddys chose to process a payment, it will make a reasonable attempt to notify the member prior to processing the payment via email or phone call as a courtesy, but it is not a requirement.

MEMBERSHIP TERMINATION.  It is BuckDaddys wish and intention for each member enjoy their membership and become long-term members.  Membership in BuckDaddys is at will, voluntary, and may be terminated by either BuckDaddys or the member at any time for any reason.  If a member resigns or is terminated for violating the Bylaws, BuckDaddys retains the right to resell the membership and will not issue any refunds, consistent with our no-refund policy stated in our Bylaws.  Once a resignation is communicated to and accepted by BuckDaddys, it will not be reversed.  Once a termination has occurred, whether voluntary or involuntary, it will not be reversed.  Members who place themselves in bad standing by not paying monies owed to BuckDaddys, not meeting their membership obligations, and/or violating this Bylaw Agreement or BuckDaddys’ rules may be terminated at any time by BuckDaddys, at its sole discretion.  Should a member be terminated for committing a terminable act (and therefore falling into bad standing), BuckDaddys has the right, at its sole discretion, to resell the membership slot to a new member joining the club in good standing.  Regardless of reason for termination or resignation, with or without cause, membership fees, camp fees, camper fees, and/or any other fees paid for the current membership year or any year are non-refundable.  However, any outstanding moneys owed BuckDaddys at the time of termination or for other expenses associated with or relating to a member’s termination survive the termination and will remain due and owing to BuckDaddys until paid.  In light of the fact that BuckDaddys leases its land, membership understand and agree that their membership may terminate upon BuckDaddys leasing contract terminating or the acreage changing.  In such cases, if funds are refunded by the landowner to BuckDaddys, BuckDaddys may in its sole discretion, refund a portion of the member’s membership fee up to but not exceeding in total, the amount of money it received as a refund divided by the number of persons affected, and disbursed equally among its outgoing members.  The following formula will serve as a guide:  Membership fee, minus $150 camp fee = Balance.  Balance will then be divided by 12 (for 12 months), multiplied by the number of unused months remaining through January (primary hunting season), in any current membership year, less $60 administrative costs (packet material and credit card fees and costs).  Should termination of a BuckDaddys’ lease occur after January of any given year but before the next membership year, then no refund will be issued, however, any deposits received for the next upcoming year will be returned, as long as no new property is offered.  Further, if no refund is received from the landowner, then no refunds will be issued to any member.  Likewise, if a new owner allows BuckDaddys’ members to remain on the property through January of the current membership year, even though the lease with the former landowner discontinues, then no refunds will be issued. BuckDaddys will always strive to see if it can replace the property with another, and in such case, should one be found and offered, but not accepted by the member, then no refund will be issued.  Should BuckDaddys agree to refund a portion of a member’s fee, for reasons at its sole discretion, BuckDaddys reserves the right to utilize the formula described above, or other reasonable methods to determine the amount of a refund, at its sole discretion.

MEMBERSHIP VIOLATIONS.  BuckDaddys takes its bylaws, club rules, the membership agreement, the landowner rules, policies, game laws, state laws and federal law violations very seriously.  Alleged or actual violations of any of these will be reviewed and addressed by BuckDaddys President and Operations Manager in their sole discretion and can include suspension and/or termination of membership.  Additionally, any member convicted of an intentional violation of the Bylaws or Rules, state or federal game laws, or of a violation of laws regarding use of the land, BuckDaddys’ property, or other member’s property, shall be expelled from BuckDaddys permanently.

The following actions by any BuckDaddys member can be cause for the landowner canceling their lease agreement with BuckDaddys and are therefore expressly stressed as forbidden and will result in immediate termination of membership.

  • Fires that are willfully or negligently started or allowed to escape on BuckDaddys property by a BuckDaddys member.
  • Intentional violations of any laws, rules or regulations established by county, state or federal agencies.
  • Failure of BuckDaddys members to have all temporary structures removed from the lease upon request of the landowner.
  • Failure of BuckDaddys members to enforce restrictions regarding use of the landowner’s roads and land, including the cutting down of trees.
  • Failure to prevent the use of dogs in the taking of deer on the lease.
  • Failure to be a good neighbor. Incidents involving the public or adjoining landowners, depending on severity (solely determined by the landowner).
  • Going into or hunting from another person’s stand or hunting area without permission.
  • Not leaving a property border and/or neighboring property when you are advised they are trespassing, even if you do not agree with the disputed border.  This is an issue to be addressed calmly by management, not by you.
  • Bringing non-members onto property and/or hunting without first obtaining a Guest Pass and expressed permission from BuckDaddys
  • Moving or taking property found in the woods that does not belong to you, even if you feel it is abandoned.  If abandoned, it is the property of BuckDaddys, not yours.
  • Joy riding on 4-wheelers or trucks during deer season.
  • Stealing or vandalizing
  • Carrying loaded guns or rifles in camp
  • Shooting down or up a road
  • Cutting down ANY tree
  • Hunting while intoxicated
  • Bringing or using illegal substances while on property
  • Not paying monies owed to BuckDaddys or lying about reading bylaws
  • Being purposefully disrespectful or threatening to any fellow member of the club, or the Club itself, in BuckDaddys’ sole discretion.
  • Allowing sewage to get onto the ground and not removing it when you leave.
  • Subleasing or Selling hunts to and/or profiting from a guest hunting with BuckDaddys
  • Advertising or speaking on BuckDaddys’ behalf without written permission to do so
  • Failing to read the Bylaws and attesting that you have
  • Failing to abide by the BuckDaddys Bylaws
  • Dishonesty, disrespect, disparagement, and/or misrepresentations to or of the Club.
  • Committing libel or slander against BuckDaddys, or its owners, officers, managers or members.

Other offenses:  First Offense: Warning      Second Offense:  $50 Fine or Membership Termination     Third Offense:  Membership Termination

  • Not signing in/out upon Arrival/Departure (this is for everyone’s safety)
  • Not Carrying your ID Card on you
  • Not locking gates behind you when you enter/exit
  • Not controlling noise levels during deer season

REMOVAL OF PERSONAL PROPERTY.  Should a member voluntarily leave, be terminated for cause or mutual agreement, or otherwise not be accepted for the upcoming membership year by BuckDaddys at time of renewal, the member agrees to remove all of his/her personal property from BuckDaddys Club grounds within 7 days of the decision, or, if determined by BuckDaddys, by appointment and escort only.  If a member does not comply with any arrangement made to accommodation the removal of his property, he will forfeit his property and agree to convey it to the Club, and it will become the property of BuckDaddys.

If a member fails to renew his/her membership for the next upcoming year, the member agrees to remove all of his/her personal property from BuckDaddys club grounds by the last day of the month prior to the expiration of current membership year (February).  Member agrees and understands that the ownership and/or title of any and all property that the member fails to remove from club grounds after any of the applicable time frames listed above expire, that such property ownership and title shall vest in BuckDaddys Hunting Club and by doing so becomes the legal property of BuckDaddys Hunting Club.  When such occurs, in the case of a titled item, BuckDaddys may title it in its name without the need of obtaining a court order, any additional signatures, a bill of sale, a statement of gift, or otherwise and the member hereby waives such requirements to the extent permitted by law.  BuckDaddys may obtain a lost title.  BuckDaddys Hunting Club, in receiving such property that is vested to it in this circumstance, whether it becomes titled or not, may retain the property for its own use, including at its sole discretion the ability to rent it, sell it, or dispose of it in any way desired by BuckDaddys Hunting Club.  Upon request, extensions of time to remove personal property may or may not be granted under certain circumstances but evidence of such extension is only valid and will only be made if it is in writing and signed by the Club President and/or Operations Manager.  No oral agreements will be valid.  If a member fails to remove his/her personal property, including camper(s), trailer(s), stand(s), feeder(s), camera(s), temporary building(s) and/or any other personal property from BuckDaddys club property within the 3 day grace period or by the end of the membership year depending on the particular circumstance, member agrees that the title vests to BuckDaddys without requirement of signature and that the member’s Bylaws/Rules Agreement signature page whether submitted in writing or submitted electronically shall serve as adequate proof of such vesting and may be attached to any documentation and serve as signature to transfer of ownership to any licensing body, title issuing body, or surety bonding entity.  In such case that property is titled in both spouse’s name, member who signs below attests they have been granted permission from the non-signatory spouse of these and all bylaws policies.  BuckDaddys may also impose upon any property left beyond the time frames listed above to be assessed a storage fee of $30/day beginning the first day after the applicable removal deadline.  These storage fees may be imposed with or without written notice to member and will be considered valid and must be paid should BuckDaddys agree to gift back the property to member at its own discretion.  BuckDaddys may facilitate and attach a storage lien for property including campers and trailers of which member agrees and permits the signed bylaws to serve as proper and sufficient notice to member and/or any governing body of such notice and/or condition precedent for the purpose of these fees or any facilitating the transfer of ownership through the DMV or other governing body in such case.  No additional notice is required and it is agreed that these signed bylaws can be used as evidence in any foreclosure or title transfer proceeding.  Storage lien charges are in addition to any other charges due and owing BuckDaddys.

CLUB GROUND/HUNTING ISSUES AND/OR CONCERNS.  Members should direct non-minor club issues or concerns to BuckDaddys at 817-805-2217 or  We are here to listen to you.  BuckDaddys will track them and get them assigned out for resolution.  It is very important that BuckDaddys knows what is happening on club grounds so to nip issues in the bud, know to make adjustments if necessary, and/or find permanent solutions to minimize and/or prevent unwanted situations or issues from repeating themselves.  We cannot do that if we are not aware of what is going so we ask all members to keep us apprised of any non-minor issue.  Land managers may guide other members on minor, immediate issues within the confines of these Bylaws.  In the case of emergency and/or urgent matters, always seek the medical or lawful attention you need prior to contacting BuckDaddys.

MISCELLANEOUS:  At any time of the year, it may become necessary for landowner to conduct activities on BuckDaddys premises including, but not limited to, harvesting, planting, thinning, controlled burning, aerial or ground applications of forest chemicals, site preparation with heavy tractors, road construction and road maintenance.  Stands and temporary campsite structures are put on the lease at the risk of the lessee and the members agree to hold BuckDaddys harmless for any movement, damage, or loss that may occur from the landowner’s, its agents’, or BuckDaddys’ activities.

BuckDaddys shall have the right to make changes to these Bylaws or set limits, seasons, hours, and means and methods of taking game on BuckDaddys club grounds provided such action is not over and beyond the regulations set by the State Parks and Wildlife Department and/or guidelines set forth by landowners or in violation of public law.

BuckDaddys only permits the discharging of firearms only in a safe and responsible manner. Additionally, BuckDaddys does not permit the discharge of firearms, unless such firearm discharge occurs while in the actual act of ‘hunting’ wildlife, from September 1 – February 1st of each year.  This means there is no target practice, citing in of guns, or other discharging of any firearm during this time.  During other periods of time, members may responsibly discharge their firearms, but only safely, and without causing damage or risk to other persons or property.  It is the member’s sole responsibility to know who else is out there on property, where they are, and always be aware of their surroundings.  You also must not infringe in other person’s areas, or shoot across or down roads, easements, or in or near camp, property boundaries, etc.   You are solely responsible for all projectiles you discharge.  If you have any questions whatsoever, you are obligated to not discharge your firearm. This policy is set forth for the safety of everyone.  Under no circumstances are loaded rifles allowed in camp, and the only loaded guns allowed in camp are by persons who hold a valid concealed handgun license, as permitted by Texas Law.

No dog shall be allowed to hunt, run, tree or bay any wildlife on Club ground during open season for deer, but will be allowed during other seasons provided it is permitted by law for the specified wildlife being hunted and its associated season should a season apply, or with prior permission granted through the main office or land manager.  To reiterate, at no time shall a dog or dogs be used for hunting deer.  Any member who allows a dog or dogs, either owned, borrowed or contracted by said member, to violate the above provisions, shall be in direct violation of the bylaws and may be fined, suspended or expelled at the President’s sole discretion.   Dogs used for hunting must be controllable by command and cannot intrude in other member’s areas, without their expressed permission (this is for the safety of our members).  Dogs not used for hunting may accompany member to their campsite (with exception of aggressive breeds, which are not permitted), but must be leashed, chained, roped, or kenneled so to avoid disturbing other members.  Dogs that are pets should remain at home while on property unless they are small enough to remain in a camper.  If they are brought onto club grounds, they are only allowed out of the camper for purposes of relieving themselves and must be on a leash.  Dogs may be loving family members, but they may appear aggressive to strangers, and scare our children or other members on property.  Accordingly, BuckDaddys prefers that pets are left home or with a friend if at all possible.

Roads are maintained by the landowner as time, budget and opportunity permit at their sole discretion.  Although uncommon, roads may remain impassable for long periods of time without repair due to other landowner activities or budget decisions.  BuckDaddys and/or members may use rubber tire tractors and/or pay an approved contractor to do maintenance on roads at their sole discretion.  BuckDaddys attempts to maintain roads from a main entrance to a designated camping grounds.  Due to the variations in size, number, and conditions of roads that may or may not be present on each property, BuckDaddys cannot maintain each and every road on every property but may still be used by all members at their sole discretion.

The translocation and release of the wildlife species or domestic stock of any kind on BuckDaddys lease is not allowed. Furthermore, feral hogs are not protected.  There are no hog limits enforced, and harvest of hogs is strongly encouraged as long as it is done in a safe manner and does not constitute trespassing on neighboring clubs or properties

Temporary structures such as stands and blinds may be constructed or installed on club grounds.  Each lease member understands that the landowner does various forest management activities throughout the year and that occasionally damage can and does occur to private property.  Landowner has told BuckDaddys that they will make a reasonable effort to not damage BuckDaddys and/or member’s property during Landowner operations, but neither BuckDaddys nor Landowner will be held responsible for any damage that may occur due to Landowner’s activities.  To be safe, it is best for member to remove their personal property from the lease when they are finished using it.  Also, from time to time, the owner may ask BuckDaddys to move or remove personal property from BuckDaddys land and members agree to do so willingly if asked.  Temporary structures shall not be nailed or bolted to living trees so as to become permanent structures.

BuckDaddys is not responsible for any reason for a member’s, member’s guests, and/or family member’s personal safety, personal belongings, equipment, vehicles, campers, feeders, stands, cameras, camera stands, guns or any other item (“personal belongings”), or their self, brought onto any club property.  By entering club property, members, their guests and other family members expressly agree to hold BuckDaddys harmless from any damages or liability associated with their personal safety, injury, theft and/or loss or damage caused to themselves or their personal property while on club property. From time to time, as a deterrent, BuckDaddys may also post signs indicating the premises is under camera and/or video surveillance regardless of whether it actually is or is not.  BuckDaddys  does this for the sole purpose of attempting to deter losses of its members’ personal belongings, but regardless, member agrees to not rely on this signage at any time.

Permission to erect gates must be obtained through BuckDaddys prior to erecting them. All gates should be at least 20 feet wide and be set back at least 100 feet from the road surface to permit safe tractor-trailer access, unless other agreements are reached with the landowner lease representative. No cable gates are permitted. Any gate that is donated by a member and affixed to the ground at any access point to a BuckDaddys property becomes the property of BuckDaddys.

Four-Wheeling or ATV’ing is permitted.  During primary hunting season (November – January), BuckDaddys asks that members respect other member’s hunting efforts, and as such, only use ATVs and four-wheelers to get to and from hunting sites and not for recreational use.  During non-prime hunting season and/or off season, four-wheeling and ATV’ing is permitted, but members are still asked to respect other member’s hunting areas, stands, feeders and food plots (both cultivated and non-cultivated) and stay on the numerous existing paths and roads unless in clear-cut areas or the member is sure there are no stands or cultivated food plots where they are traveling.  Abusive ATV’ing, Motorcycling, and Mud-Bogging are not allowed and abuses should be reported to BuckDaddys and the local law enforcement group responsible for protecting against these activities.  Abusive riding also includes doing donuts, ramp jumping, spinning tires and trick riding.  The use of motorized vehicles on landowner lands are allowed but must be used in a manner that does not damage landowner  roads, trails and property.

BuckDaddys makes no representations, warranties or inducements, whether verbal or otherwise, to any applicant or member to enter into this Bylaws and Club Rules Agreement, and any member or applicant, by signing this Agreement electronically, attests to this understanding.  They further agree to abide by the current Bylaws Agreement and BuckDaddys Club Rules and understand that they represent the entire agreement binding between (a) the member or applicant; and (b) BuckDaddys.  Accordingly, the member and applicant agree to defend, indemnify and hold BuckDaddys harmless against any claims, including those of misrepresentation, of anything that is not strictly evidenced herein in writing.  Once payment is conveyed or submitted to BuckDaddys, a membership application or renewal application is accepted by BuckDaddys, and the new membership year begins, members have access to BuckDaddys club grounds and accordingly, BuckDaddys has fulfilled its obligations to its members, regardless of whether a physical card has been mailed yet, or received by the member.  In cases where a member wishes to access club grounds and their membership card is not yet received by them, due to mailing delay or any other cause, the member may contact BuckDaddys at 817-805-2217 and request a temporary pass to be emailed to them to be credentialed to access club grounds.  These passes are generally issued for a 2 week time span to allow the receipt of the pending membership cards.  These passes are likewise non-transferable or saleable.

Noise Restrictions:  During deer season, it is a matter of courtesy to not be loud or boisterous during the day, or at night after 10 pm.  Many of our members get up very early to get on their stands, and want to sleep at night.  As a courtesy, do not have music playing or allow oneself, family or guests to be loud past 10:00 pm.  Likewise, do not blast music during the day.  No music or yelling should be heard beyond camp.

Member or pre-member agrees that any method defined as an electronic signature in the Electronic Signatures In Global and National Commerce Act or as shown on the application, is sufficient to bind member or pre-member and all minors listed on the member’s application or guest application to the terms and conditions hereof.  Member additionally agrees that if it has included a spouse or  minor(s) on his or her application, that the applicant and/or member has the legal authority and standing to agree to these Bylaws and Bylaws Agreement on the spouse and minor(s)’ behalf, and agrees to defend and indemnify BuckDaddys against any and all liability arising from his, her and/or their use of BuckDaddys club grounds, lands, and premises, or participation in any BuckDaddys related activity.

Additional Club Rules:

  • Safety First – ALWAYS!
  • No Loaded Weapons in Camp – Ever – Even if you have a concealed handgun permit!
  • Wear Hunters Orange in ample quantity while stalking or walking in the woods.
  • All campfires are completely extinguished before going to bed or leaving the camp
  • Ask permission to hunt another member’s stand or lease
  • Do not set up a stand within a 200-yard radius of another member’s stand, but you may have 2 stands in your own area no closer than 100 yards apart of one another
  • Check in when you arrive and sign out when you leave
  • Send pics of your harvest to us! Send pics to 817-805-2217 as you can!
  • Respect others and show respect at all times – This is a family club
  • Set up campers and trailers at main camping areas whenever possible
  • Report trespassers and poachers
  • Possess a Texas hunting license
  • Be friendly, courteous and help others
  • Remove all litter, trash, debris and other material from the club when leaving
  • Do not burn trash unless it is odor friendly and controlled at all times
  • Obey all Texas and Federal game laws
  • Close all gates if you open them
  • Track and retrieve all wounded game whenever possible
  • Aggressive breeds of dogs are forbidden to be brought on property
  • Hog dogs are only permitted if voice command controlled and are not permitted to intrude in other member’s areas, under any circumstances, without permission from the member
  • Always sign in and out at the Mailbox, each visit.  This is mandatory.

TRESPASS BY OTHERS, THEFT AND CLUB MISUSE:  State Game Wardens and the Department of Natural Resources – Wildlife Division can be contacted to prosecute unauthorized individuals from trespassing, dumping trash, or partaking in any other illegal activity on BuckDaddys property.  Contact the local Game Warden for enforcement support first, then BuckDaddys’ main office to report same.

Members may not permit trespassing or unauthorized use of club grounds.  Members encountering trespassers and/or poachers should attempt to take visual evidence of the trespasser and write down any identifying information such as license plate, vehicle description, name, apx. age and description, clothing, time of day/night, location and activity.  This information MUST be conveyed to BuckDaddys at 817-805-2217 IMMEDIATELY!   Additionally, if you feel safe, you may also inform the trespasser in a non-confrontational manner that they are on private property and must leave, however, members will NOT attempt to physically remove trespassers or other individuals from the property.  If a member feels they are in danger, BuckDaddys does not recommend you take any action other than to report it to BuckDaddys immediately at the number above.  ALL MEMBERS AND GUESTS HAVE BUCKDADDYS CREDENTIALS.  BUCKDADDYS DOES NOT ALLOW ACCESS ON ITS LAND BY ANYONE OTHER THAN MEMBERS, APPROVED GUESTS, AND LANDOWNER REPRESENTATIVES.  DO NOT BE FOOLED BY ANY STORY A PERSON WITHOUT CREDENTIALS (BUCKDADDYS MEMBERSHIP CARD AND/OR GUEST PASS) STATES.

BuckDaddys lands are open land and although we discourage trespassers, poachers and other undesirable persons, they appear to come on club property from time to time.  BuckDaddys is not responsible for any reason for a member, member’s guests, or family member’s personal safety, belongings, equipment, vehicles, campers, feeders, stands, cameras, camera stands, guns or any other item (“personal belongings”), or self, brought onto club property.  By entering club property, members, their guests and other family members expressly agree to hold BuckDaddys harmless from any damages or liability associated with their personal safety, injury, and/or loss or damage caused to their personal property being lost, stolen, vandalized, destroyed, or damaged while on club property.  In the circumstance that personal belongings are vandalized or stolen, or personal harm occurs, we encourage the member to file a police report with the local authorities.  BuckDaddys will cooperate fully with any policing authority.  Please report all trespassers, poaching activities, etc. to BuckDaddys’ main office as well.

WEBSITE AND CLUB COMMUNICATIONS. is here for our members and is the main forum for communicating with our members.  Members agree to check it regularly to receive updates, announcements, apply for new and renewal memberships, and communicate with the main office, and, as they wish, to make payments, order BuckDaddys merchandise, pay online, sign up and pay for special events, read articles of interest, view maps, post items for trade or sale, etc.

USE OF PHOTOS.  Members grant BuckDaddys and/or its managers permission to use any photo submitted or taken while on campgrounds for marketing and/or advertising purposes.

SURVIVEABILITY, SEVERANCE, NO REPRESENTATIONS AND WARRANTIES, AND JURISDICTION.  These terms shall survive the member’s renewal each year, and/or separation from BuckDaddys.   Additionally, should any one clause or term be deemed invalid or unenforceable, such determination shall have no relevance, effect or bearing on the remaining terms.  All members agree to the jurisdiction of Dallas County, Texas for any disputes, at BuckDaddys sole discretion.  This Bylaws Agreement, along with your submitted new application, renewal application, or guest application, (which are incorporated herein as if fully stated), and any and all liability releases contained therein, represent the only agreements between you, the member or potential member or guest, and BuckDaddys Hunting Club.  You, the member, or potential member, or guest, and BuckDaddys Hunting Club, hereby agree that there are no other representations or warranties, whether oral or written, upon which anyone may rely.

Any member who pays for a membership or applies for a membership or applies as a guest acknowledges they have read, understood, and agree to the terms of the Bylaws, this Bylaws Agreement, and their respective application submitted for this and all preceding and proceeding years, and that this is a legally binding agreement signed using their electronic signature.  They also agree to stay updated on the Bylaws by re-reading the Bylaws prior to all visits, and to hold BuckDaddys harmless, indemnify it against claims, lawsuits and disparagement, and that any and all damages arising from these Bylaws, Bylaw Agreement, and/or new, renewal, or guest application, are limited to the dollar value paid to BuckDaddys Hunting Club for the current membership year.

BuckDaddys Hunting Club –

Robert Witt

Copyright 2009 All Rights Reserved.