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We are thrilled that you are joining us again! Everything you need is here in one convenient, simple form: application, bylaws/club rules agreement, camper registration and payment. You may put in a deposit, pay in full, or go on  a payment plan for those who want the convenience of paying out your membership at regular intervals over 3 months.

Newly designed personalized membership cards and membership packets will be mailed out beginning April , or at such time as your membership renewal is accepted and payment is received in full.

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  • Payment using Check (not guaranteed until cleared by bank)

  • I understand that nothing will happen untill my check arrives and it clears the bank. If my check is returned unpaid, my electronic signature below gives BuckDaddys permission to debit my checking account electronically for the original check amount plus a service fee equal to what is permitted by law, and payment by check constitutes my acceptance of these terms (Please email to confirm receipt of check). Note - We cannot confirm placement untill your check has cleared your bank. **If you are wanting immediate placement or action by BuckDaddys, please submit your payment using our convenient credit or debit card option.
  • Membership Request and Bylaws Agreement Electronic Signature:

    By submitting this Application and Bylaws Agreement Electronic Signature, I state that I am the person named in "Member Name" above, I have read, understand, and agree to the terms of the current Bylaws and Club Rules (collectively "Bylaws Agreement"), and I request a membership be issued to me and each family member listed on my application in BuckDaddy's Hunting Club ("BuckDaddys") for the upcoming or current membership year. I also understand and represent that if I am submitting a credit card or debit card payment, I am 18 years of age or older, I am an authorized user on the credit and/or debit card being provided or have permission to use the credit or debit card for the items and quantities indicated above in accordance with the foregoing representations and current Bylaws Agreement. I further understand that should this Application be denied by BuckDaddys, BuckDaddys will either not process this payment, or if inadvertently processed, will issue a refund within 3 business days.

  • Authorized Person Submitting Form and Electronically Signing Bylaws Agreement
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